Exepriencing The Beauty of Mother Nature

Taking a stroll or hiking are definitely the best ways to discover the mountains, their majestic landscapes, unspoilt nature, prairies, heritage, certified Pays d’Art et d’Histoire, Natura 200 and UNESCO Chablais Geopark.

At your own pace and following your own desires, we invite you to travel around the 175km of marked hiking trails that link to 575km of paths in the Portes du Soleil. Some of these are steeped in the valley’s history and today many of the paths are marked for their interest in showing you the mountains from a different angle.

Discover the Mont de Grange (2432m) reserve from the village centre and watch the chamois, mouflon and marmots.

La Chapelle d’Abondance is a stage on the Grande Traversée des Alpes and the GR5.
There is a water fountain available in the village centre in the green arena next to the GR5 pathway.


The Natura 2000 network is a collection of European natural sites, both land and marine territory, identified for the rarity or fragility of its wild animals or plant species and their habitats.

The aim of the network is to preserve the biodiversity of these species in the long-term without banishing all human activity and to promote the natural heritage. In Abondance valley two areas are Natura 2000 sites: one is located on the Mont de Grange and another on the Cornettes de Bise. These listed sites are witness to the treasures of the mountain environment.

The Abondance valley communities ensure that these treasures are preserved, recognised and promoted. These sites harbour prairies that are still in exploitation, forests and one hunting reserve.

As hikers you are spectators, and both witnesses and actors of this biodiversity. With this in mind please respect how to photograph and look, without picking or bothering the flora and fauna that you have the good fortune to come across.


You will see 3 types of signs:

  • local wooden signs
  • departmental hiking signs (called PDIPR – Plan Départemental des Itinéraires de Promenade et de Randonnée) on beige metal signs with green lettering
  • French federation for hikers signs (FFRP – Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre), which are red and white markings for the GR (Grande Randonnée), red and yellow markings for the RP (Randonnée de Pays).

The maintenance, installation and signage of these paths are managed by the Communauté de Communes Pays d’Evian Vallée d’Abondance. Even though we regularly check our pathways’ signage, please alert us if you notice any deterioration or problems encountered with these signs.
To improve the quality of our trails, or to point out a problem, log on to the iPhone or Androïd Surcate App and indicate anything to improve.

Maps & Topos


The La Chapelle d’Abondance Tourist Office has the following documents available to discover all the hiking trails :

  • Abondance Valley tourist hiking map: free
  • Topo-guide of local walks and hikes in the Abondance Valley:€5
  • Map of the Portes du Soleil hiking trails: €6

Available at the La Chapelle d’Abondance Tourist Office:

You will also be able to find the IGN Map top 25 n°3528ET Morzine, Massif du Chablais, Les Portes du Soleil for e12.80 in our local shops (Newsagents and Intermarché).

Advice for Hikers

Pratiquer la randonnée est une activité à la portée de tous. Toutefois, certaines règles de sécurité s’appliquent pour assurer la sécurité du randonneur en solo ou en groupe. La montagne est un superbe espace de découverte qu’il faut respecter. Préparez au mieux chacun de vos périples afin de limiter au maximum les risques lors de vos déplacements.

Hiking is an activity everyone can do. With this in mind though there are several safety regulations that should be respected for hikers going out alone or in groups. The mountains are a wonderful place to explore and you must be respectful.

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Chablais Geopark

In addition to its exceptional location between the shores of Lake Léman to the peaks of the Portes du Soleil, Chablais possesses a world renowned geological heritage.

This heritage is at the origins of the extraordinary diversity of its riches: breathtaking landscapes, iconic cultural sites, world renowned mineral water, traditions and Alpine gastronomy.

More than twenty unmissable sites reveal Chablais’ uniqueness, and are registered in the UNESCO Global Geopark Network.

Easy access and suitable for young and old, both a playground and a place for quiet contemplation. The free discovery map is available at the Abondance Tourist Office.

For example, the Lake Plagnes in Abondance is a registered Geopark site. There are free discovery outings available from May to September, the full programme and registration is available at the Abondance Tourist Office.

More information can be found at the Chablais Geopark website: www.geopark-chablais.com

Themed Paths

  • parcours-sante-decouverte

    The Fitness Discovery Looop

    To help get you back into shape, starting from the Chevenne car park, there are outdoor sports equipment that have been installed and information signs about the local flora and fauna in our mountains.

    There are numerous benches along the way to sit down to rest and take in the view.

  • Fenêtre sur Plaine

    A Gentle Walk "A View Across the Plains"

    Follow the itinerary that sweeps around the village perimeter and around the plains, a vast preserved area, revealing several aspects of this territory’s identity. A brochure is available at La Chapelle d’Abondance Tourist Office.

  • chamois

    "In the Chamois’ Tracks" Path

    An easy and fun walk and discover how Chamois mountain goats live on the Mont de Grange mountain. There are panels with games along the route to make it fun. Start at the Plan des Feux car park on the Crêt-Béni path: 3 hours out and back.

  • Blanchet

    The Blanchet Route, Following Sapicéa

    Follow La Chapelle school children’s invented character Sapicéa, and learn all about the forests and landscapes through 4 informative and fun information signs. Start from Chevenne car park: 1h30 out and back.

  • Bords de Dranse

    Pedestrian and MTB Path Along the River Dranse

    On foot or bike, walking and riding in perfect safety. Along the riverside in the shade of the trees, everyone can enjoy this itinerary, and if you don’t want to go out and back remember there are the intercommunal Colombus shuttle buses, €1.50 a trip. Brochures are available at La Chapelle d’Abondance Tourist Office.

  • parc-daims

    The Deer Park

    Visit the deer in a lovely park only 500m from the village centre on the road from Chevenne.


15th July to 15th August, a treasure hunt is organised in the Abondance Valley. Find the treasure by using your Smartphone and the GPS coordinates to find the 150 geocaches spread out all over the Abondance valley (Abondance – La Chapelle d’Abondance – Châtel – Vacheresse – Bonnevaux). To tak epart just go to the geocaching website:  geocaching.sites.valdabondance.com and follow the instructions!

  • herborisme-la-chapelle-abondance

    Discover all the Treasures our Mountains have to Offer with a Professional Guide

    A professional will show you another side to the mountains,
    on unmarked paths, pointing out the fauna and flora that dwell here. Trust in them, you won’t be disappointed!

    You don’t want to go alone into the mountains and you’d love to learn more about the mountain environment. Our state-certified mountain guides are here to assist you and organise hikes adapted to your level and introduce you to the mountains in complete safety.

Discover our Mountains' Secrets with a Professional Guide

  • Lalie Chochon rando yoga cropped

    Lalie Chochon

    Full or half-day hikes, yoga-hikes, a night in a refuge, gastronomy hikes, and more.

    Information & contact:

    Tel.: +33 (0)6 73 32 83 95

  • Randonnées Cédric Cordonnier (1)

    Cédric Cordonnier

    You can choose between a day or half-day hikes, week-long treks, botanical excursions including medicinal and comestible plants (followed by a meal made from wild plants), geological, fauna, naturalist excursions, and more.

    Information & contact:

    Tel.: +33 (0)6 13 12 19 45

  • guide-montagne

    Abondance Valley Bureau des Guides

    Bringing together mountain leaders and high-mountain guides, they offer a diverse programme of different hikes including marmots, mountain peaks, E-MTB, Nordic walking and themed excursions on geology, flora and fauna.

    Reservations are made (the day before at the latest) at La Chapelle d’Abondance Tourist Office.

    Information & contact:

    Tel.: +33 (0)6 52 55 07 74

Their Prices

  • Children
  • Adults
  • 1/2 day

  • Child


  • Adult


  • Journée

  • Child


  • Adult


  • Wildlife

  • Child


  • Adult


  • Hike-Yoga

  • Adult



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